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Lingua Latina

FIRST OF ALL LET ME APOLOGIZE TO ANYONE WHO HAS TRIED TO CONTACT ME ABOUT LINGUA LATINA. I STOPPED SUPPORTING IT A FEW YEARS BACK AND SHOULD HAVE SAID SO. I've wanted to undertake a full overhaul of the program for some time and got stuck in the middle of it. However, I've been playing around with the code again and hope to offer a version that will run on XP in the somewhat near future.

Lingua Latina is a free program which drills users on the basics of Latin grammar. It runs on Windows 95/98/NT (but not yet XP). Unfortunately, there is no Mac or Linux version of Lingua Latina.

Lingua Latina, at its best, helps users memorize the key forms and endings, but it would be very difficult to learn Latin with this program alone. You'd know lots of endings, but very little about what they do. Thus, I'd suggest using the program along with a good introductory grammar book (see links below).

With version 4.6, I returned Lingua Latina to Freeware, and wish to thank heartily those who have registered previous versions of the program--they helped me to cover the costs of upgrading to Visual Basic Pro.

I've recently (2 July 1999) uploaded version 5.6a, the second version compiled with Visual Basic 5.0--I'd been limping along with VB 3.0 for quite some time.

Version 5.6 corrects a number of small bugs and errors reported by users:

  • In the verb quiz, third conjugation -io verbs used to appear as fourth conjugation and vice versa. This is now corrected.
  • The verb quiz options section now works properly.
  • Some vowel lengths in the third -io conjugation have been corrected.
  • A few past participle and perfect forms, wrongly switched in 5.4, are now correct.

By the way, the password for the older, shareware version is Priscianus!--that's with the exclamation mark.

Download Lingua Latina

Version for Windows 3.1, Provisional version for Windows 3.1. Approx. .6 megabytes

N.B.: Lingua Latina 5.6 does NOT work with Windows 3.1. I have tried to resurrect an older version of Lingua Latina, especially for those who are still using Windows 3.1. Since I don't have a machine with 3.1, I'd be grateful if a volunteer would download this file and let me know if it works. Until I change this notice, consider the following file a beta version:

Version for Windows 95/98/NT

wlatin56a.exe, Full Version 5.6 (15 June 99), approx. 5.5 megabytes, self-extracting archive.

A few minor bugs have been corrected in 5.6a. Please report any further errors or installation problems as soon as you find them.

To install, a) run wlatin56.exe and click on the EXTRACT button. This will install temporary setup files in c:\windows\temp\winlatin. b) run c:\windows\temp\winlatin\setup. This should guide you through the regular installation.

For more information or to report problems, send mail to Bob Hasenfratz.

Books and Software for Learning Latin:

Books: Here follows a list of beginning grammars:
* Cambridge Latin Course
* Oxford Latin Course
* Wheelock's Latin revised by Richard Lafleur Other Software:
* Transparent Language's Latin Now!.
* Talk Now! Latin designed for learners ten and up.
* A collection of Macintosh software from Centaur Systems.
* Compendium Latin grammar software designed for home schooling.
* Artes Latina also designed for home schooling.
* Listen to news in Latin!

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